This course is intended for a mixed audience of professionals and lay people who would like to apply positive psychology to their own lives.

The course has four sessions, of two hours each, conducted on consecutive Saturday afternoons.

During the sessions, we will introduce you to the essence of positive psychology, your life's purpose, envisioning your life plan, and having courageous conversations with people in various areas of your life.

We will follow up the course, six weeks later, with a reunion in a social setting. Our course website is open to you for a calendar year. We will also encourage all our participants to use Twitter.


1 Positive psychology

  • Your expectations & an overview of the course
  • Virtues & strengths including a self-assessment exercise
  • The idea of creative images, examples & a preliminary exercise
  • Exercises for home & our read-write website

2 Your life's purpose

  • Review of your creative images & introduction to the Hero's Journey
  • "The call" and your inner judgment
  • "Refusal of the call" and your sense of possibility & impossibility
  • Exercises for home

3 Envisioning your journey

  • Review of your call
  • Envisioning your journey
  • Your feelings about your journey and dealing with your own trepidation
  • Exercises for home

4 Talking with other people about your journey

  • Review of the course & the shape of your plans
  • Imagining how you will engage people around you: eliciting their interest and acknowledging their help
  • Bringing the past into the future & talking to people with different journeys
  • Our reunion

Resources & Activities

  • We have a password-protected 'read-write' website which contains links to all the course materials and space for you to record your work and to liaise with the the other participants.

  • We will ask you to log on to the website before the course begins. We will provide the password when we receipt your payment.

  • We will also set homework tasks between sessions which we estimate will take one hour per day to complete.

  • By the end of the course, we hope you will have a positive plan of action for important areas of your life.


Jo Jordan BSc(Hons)Psych, MPhil, CPsychol

Jo is a positive psychologist who teaches, coaches and consults on the design of organizations, HR systems, and community outreach programs.

Jo will be your contact-person and she will lead the sessions, administer the course, and support your activities on website.

Date & Time

The course is held on four consecutive Saturdays from 14.30 to 16.30.

The next course is on these dates.



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  • The fee for the entire course including the social reunion and access to the website for a year after the course is $

  • To allow everyone to participate, the course is limited to 20 participants. We will offer a waiting list to later applicants.

  • The fee is payable to reserve your place. It is fully refundable if we receive your cancellation by Wednesday prior to the start of the course, and otherwise, at our discretion.

  • To provide a stimulating course, we would like to have at least 5 participants. In the event of participant numbers dropping below 7 before the course begins, we will offer you a full refund and first places on any further course.

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances disrupting the course, we will contact you as soon as possible and negotiate a suitable time to reconvene. Please ensure we have your home, work and mobile numbers so that we are able to contact you promptly if necessary.


To discuss the course, please telephone Jo Jordan on 01234 713857.

You may book a course and make a payment at this link [to be provided].

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